Specializing in the Treatment and Prevention of Neurologic Diseases.

Your one-stop shop for comprehensive, integrative neurologic healthcare individualized for each patient.

Attain optimum health of body, mind and soul.

At PNMG, we analyze the individual patient’s specific circumstances to formulate a unique treatment plan for obtaining optimal

health through integrating all applicable modalities of healing. In conjunction with our integrative specialists, we provide each

individual patient with personalized care modified to fit each patient’s particular concerns and needs. 

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Ravinder Singh is the founder of Premier-Neurology Medical Group, Beverly Hills Headache Institute and Sanare Sanctuary. Dr. Singh is a Board-certified neurologist with extensive clinical and research experience in the treatment and prevention of neurological diseases. He combines traditional medicine with nutritional education to offer proven natural approaches to disease prevention and optimal health.

Imagine having the power to live your life the way YOU want!

Each of you needs to take charge of your own health and, instead of looking at quick-fixes, learn how to determine the possible cause of your problem and treat the cause in a way that leads to optimal health and disease prevention. For, after all, in the human body, all parts are connected to each other. Disease or symptom in one organ does not occur in isolation, the whole body system is affected. If relief is not accompanied by addressing the cause of the disease, the human body will deteriorate and other chronic conditions will start to occur.

Come with us, as we travel together and explore the various paths and trails, both known and the hidden, of one of the mysteries of the human body in order to provide you with the utmost in health. This journey is unlike any other journey you will take. We will explore some of what is well-known to Western medicine, and some of the mysteries of the Far East. We will explore some speculative insights into the “real self”, the self that has been within you since the day you were born, but never really discovered. It is amazing how humans spend so much of their lives knowing so little about the one subject that they should understand best: themselves.

Expert Integration of  Western and Eastern Medicine

"The Doctor of the future will give No Medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease." 
-Thomas Alva Edison

At Premier Neurology we focus on the person and not the symptom. Our approach is to integrate Western and Eastern medicine, creating distinctive, individualized
treatment plans, aimed at achieving optimum health and balance of an individual's mental, emotional, and spiritual states.